Unintentional & Intentional Workplace Injury Prevention

In regards to workplace injuries in Canada, there aren’t only unintentional accidents but unfortunately, intentional injuries as well. Employers must have proactive plans in place to prevent both types of situations, as both happen far too often. Not only is safety in the workplace compromised, but it costs businesses in Canada a ton of money that would not otherwise have to be budgeted and paid.

Employers can’t do it all, and neither can the employees. Everyone must work together, and when intentional accidents are a problem, it is quite obvious there are some employees that aren’t team players. To prevent intentional accidents in the workplace, security cameras are a must. These cameras must be strategically placed of course, and employees need to be made aware that they are being watched.

Not only does a business need security cameras in place, but employers need to have a thorough screening process to make sure that they are hiring employees that aren’t going to compromise the safety of others. Safety standards must not be overlooked, and of course treating other employees with the respect they deserve also falls on the responsibility of the employees, too.

As for unintentional workplace injuries in Canada, employers and employees alike have to think about all the possibilities. Making sure the workplace is clean and free of debris and trash is a good start. Anything on the premises that requires regular maintenance should have the maintenance performed on schedule as well.

Employee awareness is a major factor when it comes to accident prevention. Every workplace environment is different, and so employees must be specifically instructed as to how they need to perform their job duties while maintaining awareness. Workplaces accidents can even be fatal, especially when it comes to the operation of heavy machinery.

That being said, employers must be sure to have a no tolerance policy concerning the use of drugs and alcohol. Random drug testing is one way to help make sure employees are coming to work ready to do the job and not inebriated.

Maintaining a safe workplace environment and preventing both unintentional and intentional injuries is a must for a thriving company. Many of the steps to be taken have been described, but employers must cover all bases. Additionally, there needs to be a safety manual of some kind to help make sure employees have a record of what is expected.