Preventing Workplace Personal Injuries In Canada

Workplace injuries are all too common, and unfortunately, many businesses don’t have enough practices put into motion to keep these accidents from happening. Safety comes first, something that all employees learn in a manufacturing environment where these accidents happen frequently. If you were to look at the statistics for workplace accidents, you’d be the volunteer safety coordinator next time you punch in for work.

Many times people get in a hurry at work, and while this sometimes can’t be helped, trying to hurry and finish a job should never be accompanied by unsafe choices and shortcuts. Taking shortcuts in the workplace is a leading cause for accidents. There are instructions for all jobs performed, and that means that safety should be in the minds of employees as they choose to do things as intended without taking shortcuts.

There are times when employees aren’t trained properly or just simply don’t feel comfortable handling a certain job. When an employee doesn’t feel comfortable, further instruction may be required. When unsure about anything, an employee should never move forward with a task that could easily put them in danger. They may feel peer pressure to perform, but nothing is worth risking a life over.

Driving accidents are also a leading cause of personal injury claims, and these types of accidents can occur both on and off the premises. Think about forklifts and how they can cause all kinds of safety hazards when not operated properly. Of course you have people taking out company vehicles for cross country drives as well, which means that again, safety must always be in the forefront of the minds of employees.

Weather conditions can also be hazardous, and this even goes for employees working indoors. There are manufacturing facilities where the temperature indoors is quite hot, and there are also refrigerated facilities. Employees must always be properly dressed, and they also need to have the correct PPE gear for any job that is performed.

Responsible housekeeping is another part of staying safe in the workplace. Canadian employees of any company need to be instructed to clean up after themselves, and they also need to be instructed to watch out for others. It’s teamwork that makes for a safe workplace environment, and it starts from the top. Make sure you and your employees are doing everything you can to make safety a priority.